Girls’ Tennis Volleys into Conference Championship

Girls Tennis Volleys into Conference Championship

By Jaclyn Weiner and Laura Mallon, Reporters

After a long, grueling season the girls’ tennis team was second place in conference championships. The initial season record was 8-2. The team redeemed its loss against Clarke by beating it in the first round of playoffs. In the second round of playoffs against Bethpage, the team lost by one match, 4-3. This is a huge achievement for the girls, because of previous years’ losses.

Ms. Moran, a Beech Street Elementary School physical education teacher, has been the coach of the girls’ tennis team for three years and successfully shaped them into the team they are today. She is very proud of the team. “The girls were all ready to fight for the win! Young blood added vitality to our powerful line up,” coach Moran said. Coach Moran inspired and pushed the team to achieve new lengths this season.
She is a remarkable and loved coach. “I wouldn’t have won a match if it wasn’t for the advice and confidence boost that Coach Moran has given me throughout the season. She has made me a better athlete and tennis player,” said Jaclyn Weiner.

This year’s lineup, which brought great success to the team included, Kristyn Flynn: 1st singles, Jaclyn Weiner: 2nd singles, Samantha Villacampa: 3rd singles, Brenna Kenney and Belinda Liu: 1st doubles, Renee Novotny and Kelly Van O’Linda: 2nd doubles, Christine Impieri and Alyson Mintz: 3rd doubles, and half the season Arianna Gaffney and Ari Jong played 4th doubles and the other half was played by Stefanie Zerner and Laura Mallon. Assisting Coach Moran was Manager Jake Kaplan. Kaplan kept scores and gave the girls confidence boosts and advice when most needed.

The team captains for the past two years have been Kristyn Flynn and Samantha Villacampa. Both captains have been a part of the team for many seasons and are proud of themselves and the team for ending their senior year with great improvement and achievement. “We’ve worked hard and our season was better than ever,” one of our seniors, Katharine Boyce stated.

Wantagh’s girls’ tennis team is now a force to be reckoned with. Though second place is a great achievement, the girls are determined to place first next season.