Track Teams Race Winter

Emily Fenter, Reporter

The boys’ and girls’ Wantagh winter track team run by Mr. Svolos and Mr. Apfelbaum had their first meet of the season, The Nassau County Coach’s Meet, at the Armory in New York City. The second meet took place on at Long Beach. Unlike the indoor Armory meet, this meet was outside. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth meet took place at St. Anthony’s indoor track. The seventh meet of the season, The Hispanic Games, took place at the Armory in New York City. The team had their eigth and last league meet at St.Anthony’s indoor track. The conference meet for the girls is on January 22nd and the boys is on February 3rd.

Winter track is different than other sports like basketball and soccer. There are no try outs so the team can be very large and everyone cannot go to every meet only the better athletes can go. You can join the team just to get into shape or to actually do it because you love track. Being on a team is a great experience and even though you don’t have to try out for this team you still have the feeling of a team supporting you. It is a sport that everyone has a great time and you get to enjoy the sport itself. There are so many events that everyone can find one they like. There is anything from the 3,000 meter run to the 55 meter dash and so much in between. They even have shot put and long jump. Track is not for everyone, it is a large commitment and the meets are long. You run your race which could be from 7 seconds long to 12 minutes long depending on your event, but you stay at the meet with your team for up to four hours. In winter track you train outside in the cold and the meets are inside on a 200 meter track unlike the 400 meter in the back of our school. You would have to run eight laps on the 200 meter track instead of four laps on the 400 meter track to run a mile. This sport is not for everyone, but the people that do it and enjoy it, love it!