It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over

Its Not Over til Its Over

Jonathan Tanner, Reporter

Everyone has a favorite comeback. For a lifelong Bills fan like myself, nothing is better then when Dan Marino stunned the Jets in 1994. The Jets were crushing the Dolphins 24-6 in the third quarter. Dan Marino, one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks of all time, made the game very close with less than thirty seconds. With about eight seconds left he motioned to the offense as if he was going to spike the ball to stop the clock. The Jets defense let down their guard which was a crucial mistake. Marino took the snap, pretended to spike the ball and then threw a touchdown pass. The Dolphins won the game because of that touchdown. This devastating loss haunted the Jets for the rest of the season.

But perhaps you like golf better than football, if so you will love the comeback that Johnny Miller pulled off. Miller, one of the top golf broadcasters on TV today, was down six strokes to Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus going into the final day of the 1973 U.S. Open. Unlike the other players, Miller went out to the course earlier that morning and shot an amazing sixty-three. Amazingly, Miller shot seven under par in the last day and won the tournament.

Some teens say that baseball can get very boring to watch, but when the Cardinals battled the Rangers in the sixth game of the 2011 World Series that was definitely a false statement. The Texas Rangers had several leads over the Cardinals throughout the game. The Cards were down 7-4 in the bottom of the eighth inning when Allen Craig knocked a solo homer. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth David Freese came up to the plate and smacked a two run triple to the tie the game. Disaster struck for the Cardinals in the top of the tenth inning when the one and only Josh Hamilton clocked a two run shot over the wall. However luck changed for the Cardinals when Albert Pujols walked in the bottom of the tenth and Lance Berkman stepped up to the plate. Berkman hit a single which brought Jon Jay in for the tying run. With a full count and the winning run on base, the clutch David Freese went up to the plate yet again. A solo homer was what won the game for the red birds.

There is still a huge debate if college sports are more exciting than professional sports. In 2001 the Final Four game between Duke and Maryland was one of the most exciting, out of many exciting March Madness games. Midway into the first half the Maryland Terps had a 22 point lead over the Duke Blue Devils. The Devils were not a team that was known for giving up. After the first half ended, the Terps’ lead was cut to 11 mere points. In the second half not only did Duke come back and win but they also won by a large margin of points.