The Big Blue Blunder


Dan Parker, Editor-in-Chief

What a difference a couple of years make. The New York Giants, who you may recall won the Super Bowl two years ago, are having their worst regular season performance since 1976. And it’s causing Giants fans everywhere to scratch their heads in confusion…and find out as quickly as possible who to blame.

After the disappointing season-opener at Dallas, where the G-Men lost 31-36, the Big Blue went on to garner a record of 0-6 for the first time in 37 years. This included a pathetic showing against the Carolina Panthers, where they were shut out 0-38. Quarterback Eli Manning has thrown 16 interceptions, the most in the entire league (although it’s possible he may have thrown another one while I was writing this.)

The Giants’ first victory came in Week 7, against an incredibly sloppy Minnesota Vikings. After that, the Giants went on to win against Philly and Oakland, restoring some faith in the Giants fanbase. The Giants’ next game is against the Green Bay Packers, which would normally sound like a death wish, but with Aaron Rodgers out of the game due to a broken collarbone, it’s very possible we will see a Giants victory on Sunday.

There is pressure higher up in the New York Giants franchise for head coach Tom Coughlin to retire. It’s probable that any other coach would have been fired by now, however the franchise hasn’t forgotten the two Super Bowl victories that occurred under Coughlin’s watch. Coughlin, though, has said that he will return for the 2014 season. Other members of the Giants staff are under close watch too, particularly offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Gilbride has also been with the Giants for their two Super Bowl victories, but the way the offense has been performing this season, Gilbride knows the franchise is watching his every move.

The New York Giants have never been a predictable team. It’s always been difficult to perceive what type of performance they will give each year. But this year has certainly given the franchise a bad name, and a playoff run is out of the question, unless, of course, the Giants become the first team in NFL history to make the playoffs after going 0-6. Hey, you never know.