NFL Disaster Keeps Growing

Jonathan Tanner, Associate Editor

The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, feels more heat than Hawaii in the summer. There have been many significant rules and legal violations concerning NFL players. Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice were accused of domestic abuse and Wes Welker was accused Adderall use.

Star running back, Adrian Peterson, was accused of beating his son with a stick. The Minnesota Vikings dropped Peterson, their best player, from the roster after the accusations were aired in the media. Peterson’s excuse for doing this was that it was done to him when he was a kid. Many researchers believe that Peterson will most likely not play football for the rest of the 2014 season. They are also questioning whether or not the Vikings will take him back. If not, will Peterson play in the NFL at all, ever again?

Another star, for now former star, who got into trouble is running back Ray Rice. Rice was dropped from his NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens , after a video was released of him punching his finance, now his wife. The interesting thing is that Ray Rice only received a two game suspension when the first video came out showing him dragging his unconscious wife out of the elevator. By giving him such a small suspension, initially, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been criticized relentlessly in the media.
His harsher punishment came along when a video of him actually hitting his wife in an Atlantic City casino elevator was leaked by TMZ. Rice’s wife, Janay Rice, made a surprising decision to stay with Rice even though he abused her. This incident has sparked pandemonium among all fans of the NFL.
Rice’s reputation has taken a devastating hit because of this unforgettable mistake. Fans completely disagree with Janay Rice’s decision to stay with Rice. Other celebrities have a lot to say.
“Things would have gone much differently If I was in that elevator,” said UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey . Obviously, most women including Rousey believe that Janay Rice is selling herself short. Janay Rice thinks that she and her husband can work it out. Ray Rice did go on national television and make a very heartfelt apology to his wife revealing that it was the biggest mistake that he has ever made. There is a lot of controversy on how the result of Ray Rice’s actions will turn out but the majority of sports fans hope that he pays a big price for what he has done.

Denver Broncos wide receiver, Wes Welker, received a four game suspension for Aderall abuse. When word got out that Welker was serving a 4-game suspension and Ray Rice was only serving 2 games at the time fans were devastated. Rumors started that the NFL takes Domestic Abuse too lightly. Commissioner Goodell did not like that and has said that punishments will be a lot harsher in the future.

The apparent leniency of the NFL doesn’t look bad when compared to what the US women’s national soccer team has done. America’s star goalie, Hope Solo, has been charged with Domestic Abuse twice. However, Solo was not cut from her club team or even dropped from her endorsement deal with Nike. And, she was included on the roster of the national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers. There has been a lot of controversy about Domestic Violence but the bottom line is that punishment should be dealt with great force because it is unacceptable.