Westbury Forfeits Football Game to Wantagh

Joe Valenti, Reporter

Wantagh was unable to play a home football game when the Nassau County Sportsmanship Council announced that Westbury would have to forfeit the scheduled October 10 game because of an incident from the previous week’s game.

Westbury had a bench-clearing brawl with Sewanhaka which ended up with two kids in the hospital and the Sewanhaka coach assaulted by Westbury players, October 3.
Certain players on Westbury were upset with their performance this season with going into this game being 0-3, and after their defeat to Sewanhaka. Westbury had had a chance to tie that game on a 2-point conversion in the fourth quarter but it came up short, frustrating and angering some of its players.

It was the first time in Coach Sachs’ 25 years here that Wantagh had won a game by forfeit, he said.

When the final whistle blew and the teams where shaking hands, mayhem broke loose on the field with the players and coaches from both teams and spread to opposing parents in the stands.

“I’m very upset as a senior to lose a home game,” said one of Wantagh’s football captains, Corey Sachs. “I only have two home games left and the actions of one team affected kids who had nothing to do with the incident.”