Jets’ Season Ends in all-too Familiar Heartbreak

Nolan Foley, Reporter

The New York Jets had a chance to make the playoffs for the first time in five years after they went on a five game winning streak which included a win over their rivals the New York Giants and New England Patriots. This streak set the Jets up with a situation where if they won their final game, January 3, they would make the playoffs.

The match up was against the Buffalo Bills and who else but former Jets coach Rex Ryan. The Jets confidence was high after beating the Patriots the week before but Rex was the last person in the way of the playoffs. The Jets traveled into Buffalo with a 10-5 record led by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, having the best season of his life. It seemed like there was no way the Jets could lose to the lowly 7-8 Bills who beat the Jets earlier in the season at MetLife Stadium. However, the biggest story surrounding the game was that former Jets coach Rex Ryan could end his old team’s season. Even if the Jets lost they could still make the playoffs with a Steelers loss in Cleveland, but they got no help as the Steelers won.

The Jets first half was filled of miscues and was one of the team’s worst halves of their entire season. They went to the locker room trailing 16-7 and had one half to fight for the rest of their season. They gave fans hope as they scored ten points in the third quarter and were down 19-17 at the end of three. The Jets then went on a long drive and it looked like they were going to take the lead for the first time of the game but on a second and ten in the red-zone Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a pick in the end-zone. That demoralizing pick took all of the momentum away from the Jets.

The Bills then tacked on another field goal making it a 22-17 lead, but the Jets still had their opportunity with under five minutes to go and 2 time outs. Fitzpatrick then threw another pick at the 50 yard line. With only 2 minutes left the Jets were able to hold them while using all there timeouts. The Jets final hope for the playoffs was to find the end-zone with 1 minute and no time outs. After running for 12 yards the Jets had to go into the hurry up offense to save their season. Fitzpatrick then threw up a bomb down the sideline to wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins and the bills safety force him to bobble the ball and drop it. He would’ve score if he caught it as there was no one near him. This could’ve been the biggest “what if” in New York Jets history.

Fitzpatrick then threw another pick and the season was officially over. The agony and despair for Jets fans continues as they still have yet to win a Super Bowl since “Broadway Joe” and the 1969 Jets. This year felt different for the team as they had 5 come from behind wins and put together that magnificent win streak to give the team a chance to make the playoffs. The season however ended the same as the last five with no playoffs. This one stung a little more as they lost to former coach Rex Ryan and with many looming free agents such as Ryan Fitzpatrick and Muhammed Wilkerson many fans wanted to see these guys make a deep playoff run. The team will now enter the offseason free agency process and work on improving for their upcoming season.