The Lessons of Sports

Caitlin Albanese, Reporter

An athlete’s life is not that easy. Athletes have long hard sweaty days in the gym working hard and pushing themselves to be the best. Sports teaches athletes many life lessons that will help them outside of sports. Sports teaches athletes about the importance of teamwork, leadership and how much body language reflects on who you are. Sports also teach athletes to set goals for themselves and to work hard to achieve those goals.

Sports also teach athletes about sacrifice. If you are truly passionate about something you love you will do whatever it takes to win or to get one step ahead of your competition. Being an athlete means you are willing to take risks and lay it all out there on the field or court. Confidence in yourself is one of many traits that an athlete should have. When you have confidence in yourself you feel more comfortable out on the court or field.

Sports lead you to many opportunities in life. From sports, you have the opportunity to play at a higher level in college. Many students receive full-ride scholarships as early as in 8th grade. It is amazing to think that kids already have their life planned out by 8th grade.

“It is (a relief) that I have a plan for the future but it is also scary that I made a decision that’ll affect the rest of the life at such a young age,” says sophomore Danielle Carson, who committed to University of Southern California to play lacrosse as a freshman.
When Danielle received the news that USC wanted her for its program she felt honored. It is such an accomplishment to be able to have these college coaches wanting you to play for them.

Participating in sports help get your mind off of stress. School work can get very stressful and hard some days, so going out to practice or playing a game will take your mind off of all the work you have to do.