The Benefits of Youth Sports

Sean Colbert, Reporter

Youth sports clubs have a clear impact on the success of athletes as they continue into their high school teams. Much like the football program we have in Wantagh. The Wantagh Football Club is a youth football program that allows kids to play football from the time they are five, up until they turn 13 years old. Exposing young athletes to sports is extremely important in many aspects.

Participating in athletics at a young age will obviously teach basic fundamentals that will then translate into a better understanding of the game. Enabling children to understand the sport in which they are taking part in, will hopefully result in making this athlete a better competitor.

Also, youth sports programs allow children to make new friends and experiencing the camaraderie of a sports team. If you are competing every day with the same group of people, automatically you will share a bond with the others who go through the same. Knowing from experience, these are bonds that you will share for the rest of your life, no matter how old you are.

Last, getting children active at young age is extremely important. Forming habits of exercising early in a child’s life is essential in keeping them in good physical shape. Also, this helps children understand the idea of hard work. The quicker kid’s grasp the fact of what you put in is what you get back, they quicker they will understand what it takes to be successful.