Cheerleading Team: The Best in Nassau County; Among the Best in the State and the Nation


Sabrina Hill, Reporter

What an unforgettable season! Being a part of Wantagh Varsity Cheerleading this year has truly made my senior year spectacular. The friendships formed are unbreakable and the laughs were endless. This 2017 competition season we accomplished many goals. We took first place at UCA Regionals, first place at Counties, and were ranked first in Long Island in small varsity D2. We placed 6th UCA High School Nationals and 2nd at the New York State Championships.

Not only were we talented, but we we had positive energy the whole season which made the routine even easier. We worked hard and didn’t let any downfall defeat us. Not to mention we had fun. Practices were enjoyable and competitions were even better. I loved going to practice knowing i’m going to be with everyone i love doing what I love.

Our coaches Matthew Schneyer and Brianna Lent led us to these victories and stood by us even when times looked bad. They taught us to never give up and if we want something bad enough, we have to put our blood, sweat and tears into making it happen. I want to thank them for always having faith in us and sharing laughs with us and treating us as if we were their own children. And of course I can’t forget about the person who made all these dreams become a reality, our Athletic Director Jennifer Keane. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to go to Florida for Nationals, Syracuse for States, and of course the many other local competitions we attended. We so grateful for you.

I’m proud to say that this team love them as much as they love us and I’m proud to say I was apart of the 2016-2017 Wantagh Varsity Cheerleading team.