Boys’ Tennis Undefeated

The boys’ varsity tennis team is off to its best start in years with a 5-0 record. Under the coaching of Ashley Horishny, a three time All-American tennis player, the tennis team has improved significantly since 2014 when she had begun her time at Wantagh.

As the team is mostly known for their pre-match antics, this year its also known for winning. Starting at first singles is Nick Cerasi, a two year starter. Cerasi is an all-around player on the court with extreme quickness to get to every ball, while also implementing an aggressive serve.

In second singles, Raul Fernandez has also been a key player. With Fernandez having a strong backhand and forehand he is able to keep a consistent play at the baseline, while also coming up to the net and volleying when needed. The final singles player is Andrew Randazzo, at third singles, who has a lot of tennis skill.

Other than the singles there are the doubles who are led by Douglas Fuchs, and Charlie Mazzer. At first doubles, both have extremely good chemistry together, with Douglas being very good at volleying while Charlie is able to hit the ally with a powerful forehand. The other doubles include Tristan Cruz, Tommy Deedy, Matt Pullman, Kieran Baisley, John King, Jacob Don, and Branden Schroh.

The past two years have been rebuilding years after much prosperity before 2014, and now the team is stronger than ever. Wantagh is currently in first place in Conference IV, and in contention to win its conference. Boys’ tennis is currently on fire and there is no other team to put them out.