Despite Nor’easter, and a brief Blackout, Sportsnite 2018 Makes Goldies and Blackies both Winners


Reilly Brady, Reporter

One of the closest Sportsnites ever occurred on March 2 with the Blackies turning up the music, and Goldies going to work. The Black team, won 42-41, led by overall captains Emily Williamson and Maddy Sachs. Gold did an amazing job as well, led by overall captains Samantha Hooker and Jackie Corbin.

No matter the score, there was definitely blood, sweat, and tears put into this long 2-month season by both teams. There was extra stress, as a nor’easter took out the power for 2 hours before the event was to take place. Blacks prop captain Marie Gonias said, “I was on the way to school with my prop and everyone was flipping out about the power turning off and I immediately started wondering if Sportsnite would be canceled.” Luckily, the show went on and both teams were winners.

Each team performed the traditional captains’ cheer. This year, the Black team’s captain cheer was to the tune of “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” created by spirit captains Caitlin Bilello and Caitlin Quelle. The Gold team’s cheer was to the tune of “Eye Of The Tiger,” created by their spirit captains Maddy Napolitano and Aly Henig. After each team had completed their cheers, the Black team did its country style dance to the song “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John, choreographed by captains Emily Boden and Joanna Radoslovich. The gold team came next with their chefs and waitresses dancing to the same tune, choreographed by sisters Cerena and Celine Lopez.

The Blackies took the floor for the rhythmic exercise, “working out and much more” with captains Jacklyn DiRienzo and Alexandria Obdyke to “Disco Inferno.” The Goldies followed, “in the gym breaking a sweat” with captains Nicole Hooker and Jess Graca to the song “Pump It.”

After both teams had completed their dances for folk and rhythmic, it was time for the Black teams show.

The freshman took the floor, jumping around to “It Takes Two” for their hip-hop themed routine, followed by the Blackie sophomores dancing to “I Love Rock ‘N Roll.” These spectacular dances were both choreographed by 9/10 captains Arianna Benedetto and Christina Barbarino. Blackie juniors brought the power dancing with a techno theme to “That Power”, followed by Blackie seniors who performed their last sportsnite grade dance, a jazz dance to a remix of the song “Feeling Good.” Both the juniors and seniors dance were choreographed by 11/12 captains Angel Camacho and Marisa Colombi. To finish the Blackie show, all grades came together for a routine choreographed by both the 9/10 and 11/12 captains. The Blackies danced around the outstanding prop by blacks prop captain Marie Gonias.

After the Blackies had finished their show, the Goldie freshman predicting the weather while dancing to “It’s Raining Men,” followed by the Goldie sophomores fighting the heat to “Fire Burning.” Both incredible dances choreographed by 9/10 captains Lindsey Moore and Justine Dowling. The Goldie juniors fulfilled their job as mechanics to the song “Greased Lightning,” followed by the Goldie seniors preparing for their takeoff as pilots to “Turbulence.” Both dances choreographed by 11/12 captains Grace Obregon and Caroline Alter. To close the Goldie show, all jobs came together for a dance choreographed by both their 9/10 and 11/12 captains. The Goldies danced around their outstanding prop by golds prop captain Chelsea Semler.

The night was carried out with sports, starting with 9/10 relay. Goldie captain Alyssa Lombardo and Blackie captain Dylan Small went head to head in a scooter race with their teams filled of freshman and sophmores. The Black team had come out with the win, but both teams worked equally as hard and did great! Next came 11/12 relay with Goldie captain Savannah Palas and Blackie captain Hannah Dimarinis. Both teams locked together and moved down and back a certain length of the floor. Gold had come out with the win after both teams working extremely hard. After the relays was the Black against gold cageball with Blackie captain Lauren Nuzzi and Goldie captain Emily Kalinoglu. With a final score of 5-4, Black had won. For the last of the five sports played on Sportsnite, it was time for tug of war with Goldie captain Felisa Bronzino and Blackie captain Gianna Marsico. With both teams giving it their all, Black had won.

After a long night of dancing, cheering, and athletics, it was time for awards. Gold won 5 out of the 7 dances, and Black won 3 out of the 5 sports. After all scores from dances, sports, arts and more were tallied, Mr. Svolos announced the jaw-dropping score, 42-41. “The winner of Sportsnite 2018 is…” the suspense killing not just the two teams but the crowd, “BLACK!” Before he could even finish a syllable both teams and the crowd jumped into the air clapping and screaming.

The Black team and the Gold team gave it their all and both did an incredible job with everything. All the Sportsnite girls, including myself, can not wait until Sportsnite 2019.