Baseball’s Spring Baltimore Trip, Another Hit


Anthony Fontana pitching against Glen Cove

Anthony Fontana, Reporter

The Wantagh baseball team experienced another great spring trip. Every year for the past 20 years, the team, Coach Sachs, Assistant Coach Ninivaggi, and JV Coach Stillman have gone on an annual trip to Baltimore.

The trip gives each player an amazing experience, and the whole team comes together as well. The first day we make a quick stop in Philadelphia to watch a Phillies game, and after the game, we travel to the hotel in Baltimore and prepare to play a game the next day.

We played a private school, Archbishop Curley, in a non league game. After the game we go back to the hotel and hang around with the boys for a little. We then eventually take off to watch the Orioles’ minor-league team play a baseball game. In my opinion, that’s the most fun night of the entire trip. The next day, we get up and have a solid practice with a former Wantagh baseball alum’s high school team. After the practice we go to the Baltimore Orioles game.

After the game, we go to the Baltimore Harbor and walk around, get dinner, and just chill out. We usually leave around 9:15 pm and head back

to the hotel to get some shuteye. The next morning, we get up and play our annual black-white scrimmage. We split our team in half and play a competitive game against each other. After the game, we get changed and prepare ourselves for the 6-hour bus ride home.

Overall, the trip is an amazing experience that brings the team together. Usually after the Baltimore trip, we always play better because we formed a team bond that can’t be broken.

(Editor’s Note: Anthony Fontana started on Wantagh’s 2016 State championship team and last year’s State Championship runner up squad. He will attend Furman University (South Carolina) next year and play Division I baseball there.)