McGregor to Fight Undefeated Khabib

Edward Draude, Reporter

The biggest fight in the history of the Ultimate fighting is about to go down. The Notorious One, Conor McGregor, will fight the lightweight champion Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov, October 6 at T-mobile arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

The Eagle has never lost a fight. His record is a perfect 26-0-0, which in MMA is unheard of. Khabib is known as one of the best grapplers ever to step foot in the octagon. The challenger has a record of 21-3-0. McGregor is the complete opposite of khabib. McGregor is known for the power and accuracy of his striking. And McGregor always runs his mouth and talks trash but the one thing about McGregor that makes him one of the greatest fighters of all time is he can back it up with his skills inside the octagon.

Khabib is more of the quiet type only talking when he needs to. This fight will be the Ultimate battle between grappling and striking. UFC 229 is already looking to beat any other UFC promotion by a mile. This fight will be undoubtedly go into the history books as the greatest fight in the lightweight MMA history even possibly the whole UFC history.

Who will win the Eagle or the Notorious? You can watch for only $99.95 on pay per view and travel to Vegas where the top prices for tickets are $2,500.