There’s a New King in Period 2 Ping Pong

Eddie Draude, Reporter

It was 2nd period in Senior study hall and “The Comeback Kid” (me) was playing ping pong and dominating but something was missing from my resume. I couldn’t defeat my study hall teacher, Mr. Kravitz.

Mr. Kravitz  hadn’t lost a ping pong game since Ms. Santorello left and the seniors got the ping pong table back. But then October 16th came and I was ready to change  that.

Now, Mr. Kravitz did win the overall school championship a few years back. But I realized that if I changed up my serve and played more defensively I had a shot at finally smashing him.

My conservative Draude strategy worked. I prevailed, 11-8. Mr. Kravitz’s period 2 study hall reign was over.

After my game-winning point hit the net and dribbled over I screamed and did a victory lap around the study hall. It felt great to finally take down a player of Mr. Kravitz’s skill. Now, I plan to capture the school championship. Nothing can stop me. I’m the comeback kid.

Special thanks to Bill the Security guard for making sure we have paddles and ping pong balls.

I’m going to Disney World!