Lamelo Ball Ineligible to Play in College

John King, Sports Editor

Teenage basketball phenom, Lamelo Ball, who verbally committed to play college basketball for the UCLA Bruins and then played professional basketball in Lithuania, has been ruled ineligible to now play in college.

Before dropping out of Chino Hills High School, Lamelo Ball, ”Melo,” won a state championship and won the top freshman of the year. He gained national spotlight after scoring 92 points in a game as well as hitting his famous half court shot. Before his junior season he left Chino Hills to play professional basketball in Lithuania for Vytautas alongside his brother Liangelo Ball.

In the summer of 2018 Lamelo became the marquee player for his father’s league, the Junior Basketball Association, which was created for basketball players to have an alternative route to the NBA other than college ball.

Lamelo has recently decided that he wanted to earn his high school diploma and go back to playing high school ball. He let his four Million instagram followers know this by saying, “I’ve decided to return to high school and complete my senior year. I thank my dad for the JBA experience and playing overseas. I’ve been accepted to attend Spire Prep Academy In Geneva, Ohio where i look forward to earning my high school diploma and winning with my team. I want to thank my family and everyone who supports my decision.”

Melo recently played in his first game for Spire Academy and he had 21 points, 5 rebounds and 13 assists. There is only one problem with Lamlo returning to high school basketball. Many of Spire Prep’s opponents have cancelled their games against it due to Melo playing professional basketball. Since Spire is not a member of Ohio’s governing body for high school athletics and does not compete against any schools who are, it can make its own eligibility rules. Therefore the school can gather the fame of a professional player and celebrity, who stars on his own family reality show, drives a Lamborghini he received for his 16th birthday and has more than four million Instagram followers.

One of the schools that have canceled its game was Indiana powerhouse La Lumiere.

“We aim to put together as competitive a schedule as possible for our team, but we have never played against a team whose roster included any players who have played at the professional level,” said La Lumiere spokesperson . “With the recent news that someone who has played professionally intends to play for SPIRE Academy, we are not comfortable moving forward with our game slated for next Tuesday against SPIRE.”

That wasn’t the only team to back out of a game, well know Oak Hill Academy where many NBA stars such as Kevin Durant Carmelo Anthony and various other players also cancelled the game

More news about Lamelo has recently hit the Internet when he stated that he hopes to play college basketball at a top school such as UNC, Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas . It will be tough but not impossible for LaMelo Ball to play college basketball. The first step in this goal is trying to find an attorney capable of fixing all the damage that has already been done due to the decisions he and his father, who is known for having a big mouth saying things like he can beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1, have made.

Some of the decisions that may keep Lamelo out of the NCAA are using Melo as a pitchman for the Big Baller Brand and by hiring an agent to shop him to overseas pro teams. If he is not certified as an amateur, the one-time five-star prospect, High school Freshman of the year and state champion may not be able to play college ball. The only option would be to fight his way through the system and hope that the NCAA shows leniency and make him serve a lengthy suspension and some other penalties instead of not being able to play at all.