New Phys. Ed. Option – Advanced Physical Education

Erin Murphy, Reporter

Physical Education class has always been a full year course that is taken every other day. Playing traditional sports like football, soccer, volleyball, basketball. For the 2019-2020 school year there is a new gym option, Honors Gym — teaching students how to properly navigate through the weightroom. Studies have proven that people that have healthier lifestyles live longer.

Physical Education department teachers are very excited about this opportunity to teach students something they can take outside of school and apply it to there everyday life. Honors Gym was originally meant to be taken as an elective, but was passed by the board of education as a course available to senior. Will you be allowed to take both classes for PE? The answer is Yes. If seniors have an open period in their schedule they are allowed to take both classes, so students don’t have to choose between doing activities with their friends or gaining more knowledge to become healthier.

The goal of the new course is to prepare students for next level, whether they choose to play sports or even just want to join a gym. That they don’t have to pay someone to show them how to make a workout plan, or navigate through a gym.

“It’s gonna be a hard sell as a replacement, because the kids here especially like all the physical education activities like the world cup, and gym volleyball,” said phys ed. Teacher Ms.Debasi.
But the whole Physical Education department is excited and looking forward to helping the students here at Wantagh High School learn the new trends, and show them the proper techniques.