Boys’ Volleyball Makes Playoffs

Boys’ Volleyball Makes Playoffs

Claire Yustat, Sports Editor

Boys’ varsity volleyball ended its their season with a consecutive winning streak of four games. Starters Timmy Migliaro, Kyle Thompson, David Tretter, Mike Handell, R.J. Canestro, and Shane Stein led the team to their 8-7 season and the playoffs.

Captains Timmy Migliaro and Kyle Thompson were a strong force for the team during the regular-season. Their coach and founder of the program, health teacher Ms. Fugazzi, is a supportive and inspirational leader. The strong finish the boys had at the end of the season placed them as a higher seed into the playoffs resulting in an easier schedule looking forward.

¨We had our ups and downs throughout the season and it may not have ended how we wanted it to,” Senior captain Timmy Migliaro said. “But at the end of the day, we played our bet and had our best and had a good run.”

Unfortunately the boys, the No. 11 seed, lost in the first round of the playoffs to the No. 5 seed, West Hempstead, 3-1