Changes for the Wantagh Varsity Football Season

Kelly Baisley, Sports Editor

Coach Sachs, one of Wantagh High School’s physical education teachers, leads both the Wantagh Varsity Football and Baseball teams. Due to COVID-19,  the football season will now  be two months long and will start March 1st, as long as we get authorization from the governor and the NYSDOH.  With the time of this season, they will only be able to fit in six games, by eliminating scrimmages and much-needed practices. This season’s playoffs will be cut into two rounds instead of four. Their biggest hope is for our seniors to be able to have one more season before they graduate. 

There are many new guidelines and restrictions in sports due to COVID-19. As of right now, all players have optional weight room workouts at least one time a week with each cohort. It will be a little difficult, because they will have to wear masks and social distance, but they will try to make it work. 

The football team has been focusing on mental aspects of the game and getting its players ready with conditioning. On the other days, Coach Sachs tries to give them plans for practicing and training. Every coach wants his team to work together, but due to the current conditions, they are unable to really work as a team. Coach Sachs is trying his best to stay positive through these tough times. He has been trying to help his players understand the rules that the school was given for COVID protocols. 

When it comes to transportation, they are still trying to determine how to go about it while socially distancing their players. Coach Sachs wants his players healthy and wants to keep everyone safe as best as he can. He plans to keep following guidelines and taking advantage of the time they have together as a team.