Cheer Returns!


Wantagh Athletic Department

The Wantagh Warriors hosted its first cheer competition with new regulations in place.

Kelly Baisley, Sports Editor

There are many new protocols this year in competitive cheerleading. Years before, cheer had many competitions, including going to Disney for Nationals. Unfortunately, this is unable to occur due to coronavirus guidelines. Changes include,  most noticeably,  wearing masks at all times and not being able to move athletes around to different stunt groups. They will be stunting in “pods” to decrease any potential exposure. Additionally, as they usually strive to execute a difficult routine in terms of stunting and tumbling, they are focusing on safety this year —clean and strong technique. With only a handful of practices before their first competition, this was very important to make sure their team is being safe and having fun.

This year, cheer has one returning senior — Keira Young. Ms. Grange said, “She is a third year varsity member and backspot and brings incomparable energy to practices and performances. She will be leading the team as captain this year.”

Kiera Young said,, “As a senior, I could not be any happier to be back with my second family doing our favorite sport. Being a leader makes me motivated to be a role model and leave a positive impact on my teammates that will be leading this program in the following years. After my ten years of cheerleading, I am finally able to have the closure I have wished for this vital piece of my life.The Wantagh Cheerleading program is hands down the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of. I have met so many incredible people that will be a part of my life forever. Every team within this program becomes extremely close, which makes coming together as one that much easier. This program teaches you that it is possible to overcome any obstacle life unexpectedly throws at you and to never take these times for granted. Being a v cheerleader made me become a stronger and better person. This program will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Their goal for the season is to progressively increase the difficulty of the stunt sequence in our routine. They are starting with a focus on simple and clean, but hope to be able to hit elite skills by the end of the fall season.