Winter Track 2021

Nicole Colombi

This year, the Winter Track Team had a very different but very successful season. Despite the conditions the team faced due to COVID-19 and the snowstorms, it was truly a season full of success, improvement, and unforgettable memories. 

The team had many members this year who have been with the program for four years and also those who joined for their first time. The longtime members worked the new members to make their first season the best it could be. Amongst the team’s newest members was Sabrina Caruso. She said “This was my first year joining track and the environment that the coaches and team created was so much fun it made me wish I had started sooner!” 

The team was unable to practice inside with the current conditions but the team still made the best out of it. The team sometimes practiced in the school parking lots when the track was full of snow. We even did some zoom workouts led by Coach Henry and Coach Goldman. These two amazing coaches made this season unforgettable and we are very thankful for their guidance, support and hard work. The practices were also led by our six captains: Frankie Capuano, Julia Froese, Valerie Pastore, Danny Browne, Rob Spiteri and Nicole Colombi. These captains led the younger teammates to a great season and created a fun environment for the program. 

The track team was also able to participate in “virtual” meets. The meets were directed by officials and they were able to record all the runners times. The team also was able to have the opportunity to have one in-person meet against Mepham High School. This was the last meet of the season and also “Senior Day” for all of our seniors. Throughout the season, many members of the team have achieved many outstanding goals such as new personal records. Ryan Miller started his season off with a 12:36.00 time in the 3200 meter. He ended his season this year with an 11:32.3. Nicole Colombi started off the season with a 4:18.0 in the 1,000 meter and she ended her season off with a 3:49.8. These personal records made by Colombi and her teammates would not have been possible without our workouts created by our coaches, our hard work and our dedication.

Overall, this season was truly successful. We wouldn’t have had this year on the track without the support of our community, coaches, and the athletic department. Our team is very thankful for their efforts in giving us an unforgettable season. We are looking forward to a successful 2021 cross country season and a spring track season coming up.