The NFL in London

AJ Piazza, Sports Editor

London, where football is actually played with your feet, or is it? The NFL has been playing games in London for a couple years now. To be more specific: the Jacksonville Jaguars have been playing games in London for a while now. People have wondered, do they do it for money or to try and expand the NFL? 

There is an obvious answer to this: YES!!! The NFL is doing it for both reasons. They want to expand the NFL to Europe because they want more people to watch. The more people that watch the NFL translates to more money. They want more people to watch the game so that they can expand the viewership to people worldwide instead of the NFL only being popular in just the U.S.

It is a strategic move. Potentially, the NFL could move a team to England so that they could get more European fans. A team that could get moved there is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars have played at least one game every year in London since the NFL has played games there. There are other teams that play in Florida like the Buccaneers and Dolphins, who are both better than the Jaguars. This would give the Jaguars an opportunity to have more fans. 

Overall this would be a great opportunity for the NFL. The Jaguars could have a larger fan base, Europe would be more interested in the NFL and the NFL would get more viewership. This is definitely something that should interest the NFL.