The Wantagh Girls Swim and Dive Team

Grace Massari, Reporter

The Wantagh Girls Varsity Swim and Dive team had a season full of breaking personal records. Every girl on the team achieved milestones with hard work and dedication. Hours on top of hours were spent practicing in the Aquatic Center. 

In the pool, the girls worked on bettering their stroke techniques with the use of swim drills, equipment like kickboards and fins, and most importantly the guidance of the coach, Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones devoted so much of her time to making sure her team was individually improving, as well as thriving in their relays. 

The team had an advantage this season and were ready to go because of the fall season of 2020 that took place this year in April, due to the pandemic. It was unusual having the fall season in the spring, but it actually provided the girls with a positive outcome. They had their skills intact, since the fall season was a few months after spring. When they got in the pool in August, it was obvious the girls didn’t need as much assistance with their strokes as they would’ve needed if the season was a year apart. 

Senior Captains Grace Massari and Elle Immel were beyond excited for their sixth and final season on the Varsity team. They both swam some of their best times yet and are so thankful for the years of memories they made on the team.  Seniors Juliana Rose, Jamie Watstein, and Amanda Amato also spent their last season breaking personal records and giving their all in relays. 

Junior captains Ashlee Favata and Alicia Favata were two strong swimmers that were constantly motivated and gave advice to the younger girls who needed help while at practice. Most of the girls tried new events this year like Maggie McLoughlin, Antonia Hilo, Caitlin Wiffler, Maggie Massari, Isabella Sclafani, Emma Bloomfield, Lilly Sloves, and Ashley Breslin. Each one of them got into the water and swam until the very end of their race. Some of them even overcame a slight fear of the race nerves, but persevered. 

The season flew by, but every single one of the girls made it to the annual Divisions meet held at the Nassau County Aquatic Center in East Meadow.  The season was filled with improvement, laughs, learning new skills, and especially bonding and creating meaningful friendships with teammates. The sixteen driven girls came together as a team and made the most out of the few weeks they spent together.