Wantagh Varsity Cheer Returns to Florida

Emma Grasso, Entertainment Editor

After a long, unexpected last year our Wantagh Varsity Cheerleading is very excited to hit the mat again alongside their teammates. Varsity is led by their three amazing captains, Jessica Balkunas, 11th grade, Ava Lombardo, 11th grade and Sophia Tsakos, 12th grade. They are coached by head coach Jaclyn Bonlarron and assistant coach, and WVC alumni, Grace Obregon.

Four year Wantagh Varsity Cheerleader Sophia Tsakos shared her perspective on this year’s season. . She said, “I have been cheering for 11 years but I am the most excited I have ever been. The best thing about having a real competition back is I missed waking up filled with adrenaline to compete on the mat with my best friends.” 

Senior cheerleader, Alexa Cardone says, “There are spectators allowed this year and it’s so much easier to compete all in the same place and to see the other teams skills.” 

Junior captain Ava Lombaro says, “I would probably say I’m most excited to go to nationals and win back our country champion streak.” 

All the girls are so excited to have their sport back, and can’t wait to fly down to Florida to go head to head with some of the best teams in the nation. Coach Bonlarron says, “The best part about being back to normal is seeing all the girls back together everyday. Growing as both teammates and friends while creating great memories.” 

We can’t wait to watch our Warrior Cheerleaders excel at Nationals.