Bowling Over the Competition

AJ Piazza, Sports Editor

Who ever thought that I, or anyone on the bowling team, would be able to say that the Wantagh Bowling team are conference champions. This is truly crazy because the only person that has really been into bowling is Captain Seth “The Bomb” Braum. He has been on the bowling team since eighth grade and has recruited multiple people, including myself, to join the team. 

This year was different from others. In the years past, the bowling team would be just people bowling and not really as a team. Now, everyone on the team is friends and we all get along. This is a main reason we had an undefeated regular season of 12-0. 

At every single match, the energy  is electric. Any time someone does well, there is cheering and high fives or, for some, special handshakes. It’s ironic because the other teams we go against are built around 1-3 bowlers and we are just a team of very solid bowlers. Team chemistry is what makes us successful.

Bowling is generally known as an individual sport. If you ever watch bowling or even hear about bowling, you hear about one person. You never hear about a bowling team. Some people believe that a bowling team could be bad for some in bowling but Seth Braum believes that, “Teammates help other teammates to succeed and bring the best out of them. The positive encouragement you get is just an unreal feeling.”

It just goes to show you that we are a true team and not just winning because of one person or the same four people like other teams. Every match someone new steps up when we need it. People have good games and bad games, but no matter what, the team has your back.

Counties happened and may I mention it was SEVEN AM on a SATURDAY. We got on the bus and started blasting music and the energy was already high. The match started at about 8:30 and we were screaming so loudly. The teams complained from the other side of the alley. We bought three people because they have high energy and are truly a part of the team. We bowled great and the energy was a big part of why we bowled so well. We got over 6,000 through six matches which is exactly what we wanted. We improved from last season but we finished third in the county. This was a great year for the Warriors bowling team.