Seth Braum Ends His High School Bowling Career

AJ Piazza, Sports Editor

The Wantagh Bowling Program has had a very successful season this year.  The team finished third in counties and shot over 6,000 through 6 games and now, even individually, they are finding success. The captain of the bowling team, Seth Braum, won the individual counties with a 233 average throughout the day and a 1403 through 6 games. He absolutely destroyed the competition and bowled his best games of the season by far. He was the only bowler to get over a 200 every game. 

This is well-deserved for Braum. He started bowling for Wantagh in 8th grade. He even got onto the varsity team later that year later in the season. From 9th to 12th grade, he has been the best bowler in Wantagh school history. 

He has also been a great leader for the Wantagh bowling team. From his sophomore year on, he recruited a ton of bowlers to bowl and it has really helped the team. Year after year, we would get bowlers to join and he would develop all of us into great bowlers. He is the main reason that we came in third in counties. If he didn’t recruit or develop anyone, none of us would’ve joined the bowling team. 

We found out who were the best bowlers in Nassau County at individual counties. The clutch bowlers came out on this day. Braum came out firing in the first game with a 254. He was totally focused and things were really going his way. He beat the best bowler during the regular season by 69 points. This is huge because this was his toughest competition yet. He had a plan and he stuck to it. 

When asked if he ever thought bowling would be the sport Braum would be best at, Andrew Braum, his father, said,   “No, I never expected it to be bowling, but when he started getting into it, he never stopped.” 

At states, he averaged 221, which was the eighth best out of 66 bowlers. The team finished fifth out of 11, but that’s not all that happened. Braum also won an award: the sportsmanship award. This award is voted by each coach of each section to choose one bowler that is a leader and just an overall great sport. This is a well-deserved award for Braum as he is clearly the best bowler in Wantagh history.