Boys’ Volleyball

AJ Bardi, Reporter

The Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team, coached by Mrs. Fugazzi and led by captains Colin Crispyn, Markus King, River Thompson, and Patryk Swiatek, finished their 2022 season with a record of 6-9.  Ms. Fugazzi said, “It was a great year with a fantastic group of athletes. We had fantastic chemistry which really helped us face some of the challenges  this season.”  While facing these challenging teams, “Nobody gave up. Every practice we lived by, ‘we have one chance, let’s give it our all.’” Ms. Fugazzi then states that, “because of that mindset we were able to have some fantastic matches that were nail biters to the very last point.  This is a group I will miss very much.”

Captain Colin Crispyn shared that, “the team’s chemistry was very good all season throughout all our wins and loses. We bonded a lot and became very close.” 

Crispyn also said he’s seen a big improvement from last season but, “now we just have to put it all together.” Overall  morale was extremely high throughout the season. 

Captain Pat Swiatek said, “We were disappointed that our senior game got canceled, but our parents made it special for us anyway.” A few standout  senior players for this season are All conference: River Thompson, Dean Roumbos, and Colin Crispin, Unsung hero: Jonas Hixson, and Scholar Athlete: Tyler Gershengoren.