Girls’ Varsity Tennis Swings Away

Nora Toscano, Editor-in-Chief

The Girls’ Varsity Tennis team is off to a great start with a 7-1 record going into their ninth match of the season. The team seems closer than ever! 


On this season’s prospects, junior Nyla Lester shared, “Our hopes for the season are to improve the skills of all the team members and hopefully move up a conference. I think our first singles player, Kristen Mittel, has the potential for counties. The team as a whole doesn’t go to counties but Kristen definitely has a chance. She went last year and everyone recognizes her as the most skillful and scariest player on our team.”

Lester also noted that the team’s chemistry is fantastic this year. “When we’re on the court the communication is always flowing and we’re helping each other in all ways possible,” she said. “On the sidelines we talk, dance, sing, and just enjoy our time together. Coach Moran also jumps in our conversations every so often.”


This season’s standout players are Kristen Mittel, Liv Belling, Nyla Lester, and Jackie LaMacchia. “Kristen has always been amazing but the rest of us have had big jumps in the lineup since last year,” said Lester. “I think our team is improving in the way that we’re all more familiar with each other and what it takes to be a team and really work together.”