Girls’ Volleyball 2022

Elizabeth Kirchner, Reporter

Last year, Wantagh’s Girls’ JV volleyball team had a spectacular season with their new coach Noah Smitelli. This year they are continuing to blast through the season, currently undefeated. With a first place win at their own home tournament, morale was through the roof. One of the sophomore captains, Juliette Azzariti, believes, “Everyone should feel like they have a place on this team and that they contribute to our successes.” They went on to have a 13-1 season and placed first in a home tournament they hosted in September. 

Along with their success, last year’s Wantagh Girls’ Varsity volleyball team went to states in Glen Falls, NY. All their games were intense and they had great leaders and strong team players. With many of those seniors leaving, a spot for strong leadership opened up. One of this year’s senior captains, Alex Beck, stated, “For the past 3 years Wantagh Volleyball has grown more and more, not just skill wise, but also as a family and I am most thankful that this program is teaching us more than just knowledge of the game, but valuable life lessons as well.” This shows how strong Wantagh unity is. 

Beck’s perspective helps remind us what Wantagh is really about: an intense and successful team that has great family roots is what all sports should strive for. They went on to have a 10-2 record. With a long and hard earned season, the Varsity Girl Volleyball team finished their season in the semifinals with a hard loss against Calhoun at Clarke High School.