Wantagh Varsity Boys’ Soccer Graduates 11 Seniors

Nora Toscano, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s Varsity Boys’ Soccer team finished an emotional season with it being eleven players’ last season in the program. The season ended in heartbreak, yet Senior Captain Alex Sanchez shared that it was an incredible experience for everyone on the team.

This season has given me a lot to reflect on,” he shared. “Obviously it was disappointing to not make playoffs, especially with this being mine and many other players’ final year with the program. However, I’m really proud of the work that everyone put in and the sacrifices each player on the team made. This season was really enjoyable and definitely an experience I won’t forget.”

This year’s standout players were Jake Borgese and Kevin Kramer. “They’re both very quick, intelligent players and both of them played a great part in our defense and our team as a whole,” said Sanchez. 

With so many graduating seniors, the team is losing a large portion of its players. Along with Sanchez, it was the last season for Jake Borgese, Andrew DiCianni, Michael Byrnes, Joey Ewald, Sean Sosna, Ryan Maggio, Nick McDonald, Danny Fisenne, Stephan Solonchak, and Yusuf Mahmoud. “It’s obviously very emotional for the program and the players,” said Sanchez. “I’m sure all the seniors will miss being a part of this team. We were close to each other on and off the field. This definitely helped everyone enjoy the season even if we weren’t able to find the success we were hoping for on the field. We’re all still really close as a team so while upsetting, it doesn’t feel like a goodbye.”

Sanchez described his teammates as “just a great group to go out with for senior year. This has been my favorite season with the program and every player on the team did their part to make that possible.”