Wantagh Varsity Girls’ Swimming 2022

Riley Henry, Reporter

On Monday August 29, 2022, the Wantagh Varsity Girls’ Swimming Team started up their season. Their coach, Heather Jones, has been coaching solo since 2019, but has coached alongside Mr. Rafferty since 2004. The team has many talented people this year, and represents our school incredibly. 

This year’s team consists mostly of freshmen and seniors. Our seniors are Ashlee Favata, Alicia Favata, Emma Bloomfield, Lilly Sloves, Amanda Dvorzank, Ashley Breslin, and Abby Conway. However, this year, the team has combined with the West Hempstead team. Jones said, “Having 27 kids total on the team has allowed us to fill out the whole meet most of the time. It has been great getting to work with Coach Dempsey. I believe by us being together it has helped us to improve overall.” Our Girls’ Varsity Swim captains this year are Ashlee and Alicia Favata. 

The Favata twins have been captains for two years now as this is their 5th year on the Swim and Dive team. Ashlee Favata shared, “Ms. Jones has taught us how to be leaders, how to organize our time, and to always be open to learning something from all of our incredible teammates.”

The team has been training hard at Eisenhower Park Aquatic Center. Ashlee added, “While it is a bit of a hassle to go on a bus there everyday and only getting home around 6, it is worth it as it is a great training pool with lots of amenities.” The team has a fun saying: “No pool, no problem.” They have a strong, hardworking team who is ready to take on any challenges that come their way. 

Lilly Sloves shared, “I have been on the team for three years and I’m really going to miss all the relationships I’ve made and having a family.” Favata also said, “I have met so many amazing people, many whose friendships are most important. I am so thankful for these unbelievable high school memories.” 

 The seniors on this team are devastated that their high school sport was affected by COVID-19. Although, Jones says, “Swimming is almost back to normal this year, the major difference is that fewer people have been joining.” In spite of that, Wantagh has an incredibly strong team this year led by an amazing coach and amazing captains.

 Their 2022 season has come to an end, with one win and seven losses. However Ashlee Favata made the top 20 Backstroke in the County, Alicia Favata made the top 20 500 Freestyle in the County. Also, in the 400 Freestyle Relay which made the top 20 in the County were Ashlee and Alicia Favata, Maddy Gonzalez and Bella Sclafani. The Wantagh Varsity Girls’ Swim team did an amazing job this season and will come back next year even stronger.