Brawl on the 40-Yard Line

Madeline Rose, News Editor

Watching football can be an exhilarating activity, and many fans believe the sport has the power to unite communities and share messages of teamwork and perseverance. However, just two weeks before the Superbowl LVII, physical violence emerged on the field, when Trent Williams, an offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, attacked Philadelphia Eagles player K’Von Wallace. 

This January 29th game, the NFC Championship, was a semifinalist round of NFL playoffs, and the 49ers and Eagles were battling for the coveted spot in the Superbowl. However, when the game was winding down with a score of 31 to 7 (the Eagles and 49ers respectively), Williams became infuriated with the unfortunate score. As seen in professional footage of the game, Williams approached Wallace right before a play, grabbed his neck, and threw him to the ground. Rushing to their teammate’s aid, other Eagles players crowded the two men, and other 49ers players also entered the fray. 

Luckily, after around 15 seconds, referees were able to separate the fighting crowd, and security personnel were able to escort the teams back to their respective sides of the field. Both Williams and Wallace were disqualified from the rest of the game, and even removed from the  field. The clock wound down with a satisfying win for the Philadelphia Eagles.

While this may not have been football’s most inspiring moment, it does bring about important questions about anger management. Football is a very demanding game, with tackles resulting in  frequent concussions and injuries. The NFL should evaluate the safety of its players, especially when it comes to mental health and anger issues.

But, even with all of this turmoil, the game must go on! The Superbowl LVII will feature the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Our nation is confident that football will regain its community-bonding abilities and fun atmosphere for all!