Wantagh Wrestling’s 2022-2023 Season

AJ Bardi, Reporter

The wrestling team is yet again off to a hot start to the 2022 season. They started off the season by taking first place at the David Bloom Memorial tournament. After taking second place at States in 2021, the team has shown no signs of slowing down and continues to destroy all competitors.


This year’s squad is led by senior captains Noah Corwin, Ryan Arbeit, and Tommy Bonesera. The  Wantagh Wrestling squad is notorious for their amazing coaches.The team’s success would not be possible without their coaches’ knowledge and wisdom: Head coach Paul Gillespi, assistant coaches, Ray Hanley senior, Ray Hanley junior, and Todd Bloom. 


Senior captain Noah Corwin explained the team’s chemistry this season: “ We have a really young team and a really old team so at first meshing the two was difficult. But now as a team we work as one cohesive unit. Although it’s an individual sport we have come together behind one goal and work everyday for it. Corwin also shared, “ We have high expectations for this season. We want to win it all. But most importantly we want to work hard everyday to make our goal a possibility”. I asked Corwin if he’s seen an improvement since last season and he said, “ We had a great team last year and a great team this year. It really just comes down to the work we put in every single day in the room. And this team is willing to do the work.” Corwin strongly believes that his team is able to at least repeat what they did last year by taking 2nd at the state tournament. It is very possible that they take 1st this year as well. Noah stated, “I think we can absolutely do it. We just need to keep working hard and take it one day at a time.”


The team is also extremely young with six underclassmen starting. 8th grader Jonathan Cutrone, Sophomore Andrew Perez, and Juniors Darrin Santucci, Jesse Vanorden, and twins Anthony and Joseph Clem. The Wrestling team at Wantagh is constantly the top sport year after year. Their extremely hard work and dedication is shown in their success on the mats.