Superbowl LVII Halftime Show Review

Madeline Rose, News Editor

Sunday, February 12, 2023: millions of people across the country gathered with friends and family to uphold a uniquely American tradition: watching the NFL Super Bowl.  Super Bowl LVII was thrilling, but for many spectators, the real show came at Halftime. This year’s star was Rihanna, who dazzled the crowd with her powerful voice. The show was located on two levels—a floor stage set up on the field, and five illuminated floating platforms. Rihanna descended from one such platform at the very beginning of the act, flaunting a vibrant red bodysuit and coat, matched to perfection with a coordinated red lip. She was surrounded by hundreds of impressive dancers clad in puffy white jackets and similar-looking pants. Some of her dance moves could be classified as risque by audiences, but she brought her energy and passion to the stage. Some songs from her set list included “Umbrella,” “Only Girl (in the world),” and “Diamonds,” which had audiences up on their feet.

Audiences were also wowed by Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement during this show—she motioned to her lower stomach towards the end of the act, and spectators saw a very pronounced baby bump. Suspicions were later confirmed that Rihanna, who had her first child just eight months ago, was indeed pregnant again, and would be expecting another baby. The show ended on a high note with a bright fireworks display. Overall, it was a great night for football and an amazing night for artistic entertainment!