Pets of the Pandemic #1: Bailey Flynn


Bailey celebrating her favorite season!

Kathleen Flynn, Advisor

I adopted Bailey three years ago. We’d originally meant to get a different dog at the shelter but when I saw her, I was a terrible person and made the switch on the spot. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When she was little, she had the softest paws and the cutest ears. Her paws may have toughened up and she may be a bearded lady now, but she is still a sweetheart.

While Bailey may not have passed puppy school, she is the best friend I could ever wish to have. She loves to go for long walks, and she has a gift at collecting sticks that are too big for her. She also loves playing fetch and snuggling with her many, many toys (and her humans). She loves to celebrate the holidays. She doesn’t know what they are, but she does know she gets extra treats on those days. Bailey is also a gifted rock hockey player. Bailey has gotten me through some difficult times in the last few months. She loves to snuggle and she’s an empathetic little nut. I’m so glad that I made the choice to take her home with me three years ago.