Nothing But a Hound Dog


Ms. Lotito-Schuh

Lucky enjoys reading a good book, just like his librarian owner.

Mrs. Lotito-Schuh

Santa brought Lucky to my family Christmas of 2018. Though his droopy face makes him look like an old man, he is just a big baby. Lucky has been enjoying pandemic life more than anyone in the house, quickly having gotten used to us being home all the time. He tries to help my kids with distance learning by snuggling up while they read and letting them use him as a pillow or a place to prop their books, computers, and iPads. His favorite activities include going for long walks and even longer naps, licking the dirty plates clean while I load the dishwasher, jumping in excitement all over anyone that comes to the door, stealing food from the counter, sleeping on his favorite chair, playing chase, and belly rubs.