New Way of Going to the Library


Mrs. Lotito-Schuh

Ms. Lotito-Schuh is happy to help students return to the the library.

Grace Kane, Editor in Chief

As we expected coming into the school year, there would be many changes. But one thing we did not expect was not being able to go to the library. So, fully remote the library went. 


Not only were there major changes in the way the library worked, but changes in who ran it. We welcome Ms. Lotito-Schuh to the district and the high school. Ms. Lotito-Schuh went to SUNY Albany, double majoring in English and anthropology. She went on to be a classroom teacher but realized her passion was for books and decided to pursue a new career. She first worked as a librarian at a juvenile detention center in Brooklyn for several years and built their library. She very much misses that job due to the rewarding experience. Besides reading books, specifically realistic fiction, Ms. Lotito-Schuh loves to knit and go to the beach. We are very happy to have her here and to share her passion for reading. 


The library is not open to the students BUT that doesn’t not mean students don’t have access to the resources. Every student is part of the library course on Schoology. When you visit that page, you can see a bunch of different links to eBooks, online resources and, the coolest part, a website full of all the books offered in the library. You simply log in with your school Google account and put a book on hold. It will be waiting for you outside the library. So, go ahead and start ordering those books! The library has so many good ones to offer. 


Adding to the library fun, take and makes are outside of the library for anyone who wants to stay involved. Take and makes are a new library activity fully accessible to the students. They are cute little projects to add along with your reading and there will be a new one every month. If you have any questions for Ms. Lotito-Schuh, feel free to go to her extra help hours! She does work half the day at Wantagh Elementary School but she frequently checks her emails if she’s not around. Make sure to follow the Wantagh HS library on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated!