“Home for the Holidays”

Hannah Popadin-Lesniak, Reporter

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, things are still different, and this song defines the holiday season for some. Staying home. As COVID-19 rates are rising after Thanksgiving, the Christmas and New Year season is going to be greatly affected. 

Instead of the holiday season, it should be called “Zoom Season.” I’m sure most of us assumed that after Easter this would all be over, but sadly it is not and this virus is still such a huge threat. I myself was disappointed when we could not spend our usual Thanksgiving with our family but I understand that staying home was the right choice.

During the holiday season, my family and I always go shopping, look at the tree, and go see a Broadway show in New York City. Unfortunately, this year we could not continue our tradition. 

Although it might be hard to find fun things to do with your family during the holiday season, there is a fun experience right down Ocean Parkway: The Jones Beach Light Show. It is an easy, fun, and safe activity to do during this season. It is a drive-through light show with dazzling displays. With the use of the latest LED technology and digital animations, this experience can be loved by all. Here’s my advice: do not go on the weekends because my family and I waited on line for an hour and a half. 

Yes, staying home might be stressful but I advise everyone to make the most of it. Do activities that are creative and fun! You can watch Christmas movies, decorate the house with family, bake cookies and so much more. Try to find happiness in the simple things during this season.