King Arthur and the Knights of the Rosslee Table

Mrs. Rosslee

Wikus, age six, hails from Tennessee and found his way to North Shore Animal League as a pup. He loves snuggling and sleeping all day, but his hunting hound nature shatters his tranquil and sweet demeanor when squirrels invade his or any of his neighbors’ yards. Stella is also a North Shore Animal League gem from Tennessee; three years ago, she was deemed a Newfie by NSAL employees only to later reveal that she is indeed a Border Collie mix. Stella loves attention, treats, and belly rubs. She suffers from severe FOMO. Arthur, a purebred Great Pyrenees who’s almost nine months old, is a gentle giant who loves to romp and play yet doesn’t know his size or strength. Arthur’s signature move is a winding hip check, which he uses to corral Wikus, Stella, and their two-legged siblings.

Arthur surveys his domain. (Mrs. Rosslee)
Mrs. Rosslee’s trio of pups. North Shore Animal League represent! (Mrs. Rosslee)
We have another Stella! (Mrs. Rosslee)
Wikus is what they call a tree-walking coonhound.(Mrs. Rosslee)