Care Cards During COVID

Angelina Maciak, Reporter

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has begun, one of the places that have been affected the most are senior centers. A senior center is a type of community center where senior citizens can get together and take part in activities which allow them to have social interactions and continue to keep their intellectual and emotional abilities sharp. 

The senior citizens in these centers have not been able to spend their time the way they normally do, due to the pandemic, and therefore have been feeling more lonely. Because of this circumstance,  the Wantagh School District has become involved in sending cards to these senior citizens to put smiles on their faces. Students from the schools have been making handwritten cards filled with positive affirmations to the seniors to make them happy. 

Receiving a handmade card from a student during this time has brought joy to so many people during these difficult times, and hopefully sending these cards to senior centers can be turned into a tradition throughout the Wantagh School District for years to come!A