“It’s March Again”

Grace Kane, Editor-in-Chief

One year later, and we’re right back to March with it only feeling like a few months have gone by. It has officially been 12 months since the start of quarantine and the lockdown. The world has turned upside down and back again in this timespan. We’ve had a whole new school year, protests and movements, a new president, two impeachment trials, a fully test-optional college application process, two albums from Justin Bieber, Tik Tok, Chloe Ting workouts, and so much more. 

I remember walking in the mall in January last year and being so freaked out seeing someone wearing a mask. But now, wearing masks in public has become like a part of the body. I feel naked when I don’t have it on and I never thought I would be getting looks for NOT wearing a mask. 

As many of you can relate, I’m sure, my bed has become my new desk. This virus has given “What did you do in school today?” a whole different meaning. As someone who loves school, after seven months of barely being there, going back full time would be a major culture shock. This senior year has been far from normal or boring. It’s been full of major events and COVID drama, and I’ve found myself trying hard to adjust and get over the fact that I’ve never had a normal last first day or screamed G-O-L-D in my last Sportsnite. We’ll never have a normal class picture in the yearbook or go to our last homecoming game. We’ll never be in class with all of our friends with the looks of the way things are going (trying not to jinx anything; hopefully, we will be fully back after spring break). 

Since the beginning of this school year, seniors have gained back the privilege of going out to lunch, and after-school clubs and sports have been brought back full time—with some hiccups here and there. So there is hope for us to have a somewhat normal last couple months of school before it’s over. 

It’s crazy to think “It’s March again” because people have been saying since last March, “There’s no way this could go on over a year.” So, let’s hope that when they say, “There’s no way this could go over two years,” it’s the truth.