The Return to School

Grace Kane, Editor-in-Chief

I never thought it would be weird to walk in a fully packed school, have senior parking issues, and see all of my friends. Something that was our life, something that was second nature to us, is now a completely foreign concept. Being back a full five days with the whole school is something I have looked forward to for over a year. 

And now we are here.

Something that had the rockiest start, ended up having the happiest ending. But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

 Exactly 18 days ago, the students came back full time. We were there for a full week, experiencing what it was like to have a somewhat normal high school experience. We hadn’t had that for a little over a year. I never thought I would have so much trouble getting up five days in a row, but wow, was I wrong. A full week in school, paper tests, alternating days of senior parking— all to come to spring break. 

But now it’s Friday again, and I can officially say it’s been two full weeks back. As many doubts as there were, it couldn’t have gone smoother. The transition changed everyone’s views on school, teachers to students, and we are finally getting what we have hoped for so long. Mr. Svolos said, “I was very excited for everyone to come back. I think it went very smoothly. And for me it was a little emotional to see everyone back.”

As someone who loves school (how could you not), being there everyday has completely changed my everyday mood. I look forward to seeing my friends and teachers every day. I look forward to being able to learn in a classroom setting everyday. And happily now, I can look forward to sports games and this weekend’s homecoming. 

Senior Nicole Maggio said, “Homecoming is a day I will never forget and I am so grateful that we were able to go.”  Senior Bianca Falco added, “It felt like my birthday, Christmas morning, and midnight on New Year’s Eve all in one.”

Throughout this second full week back, we were granted permission as seniors to be spectators at all sports games and seniors’ last Homecoming. We had an amazing virtual pep rally and announced with suspense the homecoming court over the loudspeaker. Not to jinx anything, but it is looking like clear skies for the seniors and a lot of exciting things coming our way and, sadly, coming to an end.