Say Yes to the Dress

Emma Grasso, Entertainment Editor

For most girls, Prom junior and senior year are the most highly awaited moments in High School.  After the cancellation of last year’s Junior Prom, the hopes and excitement for this year’s Senior Prom grew. While many were very happy with the announcement of a normal senior prom, others became stressed with the idea of finding the perfect dress. 

The infamous prom group chat was created, where all the girls in the grade join together in a group message to share the beautiful dresses we have all selected. The notification of the first dress being sent filled all of us with excitement, as we were looking forward to the prom dress quest.

 All of us girls set out on the mission to find the perfect dress. Days and weekends are spent trying to find the dress for us. We all roamed, Ask Alice, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Estelle’s and so many other dress stores. The feedback from the rest of the girls in your grade, some whom you have only spoken to a few times, is so uplifting. I was at first nervous to share with everyone my dress at first but the positive outpour was such an amazing feeling. 

Prom is going to be a night we will all remember for the rest of our lives, and we are all so happy to have our Senior Prom night back and be able to wear a dress we love.