Senior Goodbye: Allie Frazer

Allie Frazer, Viewpoints Editor

I joined Ms. Flynn’s journalism class in my senior year. I knew I wanted to study English in college, and my dad said I should join as a way to expose myself to a new form of writing. I am a little mad that I didn’t decide to join Journalism earlier in my high school career because this was one of the best classes I have taken. 

Through Journalism, I have met so many new people through interviews I’ve conducted and I have never felt more connected to the goings-ons of this school. The freedom to write whatever article I choose has been a liberating experience. Being able to bring awareness to events and activities that usually don’t get much recognition is something I loved about this class. If I could go back to my 9th grade self, I would tell her to take Journalism every year. 

Journalism has provided me with a space to pursue my passion of writing while experimenting with a writing style that will never be found in a regular English class, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience I have been afforded.