Wantagh’s Water Fountains, Ranked

Maylani Lee, Reporter

Wantagh High School has at least one water fountain per hallway in order to hydrate the students and staff in the building throughout the day. However, the question arises: which one is really the best?  

Based on temperature, speed of the water, and cleanliness of the fountain, the upstairs fountain nearest the orchestra rooms on the second floor takes the cake. Not only does this water fountain have cold water, it also has no line most of the time and fills a water bottle at an alarming rate. Furthermore, unlike the fountain in between the bathrooms in the English hallway, the water is not too mineral-y. 

At second best, the water fountain near the gym is easily accessible to athletes, mostly cold, and fast. However, it does have something of a wait around three o’clock when the athletes are all going out before practice. This water fountain frequently has wads of gum in it, something nobody really wants to see when they’re going for a refreshing sip. 

Next in the lineup is the water fountain on the second floor nearest the tennis courts. It’s a hidden gem with cold water and short lines. It’s an innovation that excites, quite frankly. 

The main lobby fountain goes in for fourth place. This water fountain sometimes has a wait and it’s not the cleanest either. However, you can rely on it to fill up the water bottle fast and with relatively cold water. It’s generally not minerally either. 

Speaking of minerally, the first floor water fountain near the social studies rooms is fifth. This fountain is beyond minerally. Though it is fast, there’s a wait from time to time and the water just comes out at room temperature. It’s not satisfying by any means. 

The fountain on the first floor near the orchestra room and the bathrooms is most certainly sixth. It’s really just decent, however, the smell of the bathrooms is an immediate downgrade and the filter status is never shown either, making the water fountain a suspicious character. It’s generally room temperature water, so it’s marked as unrefreshing. 

Different from our contender for first, the water fountain upstairs in between the bathrooms is not only filled with random items in the basin, but it’s in an inconvenient location and it’s not fast nor cold. Its mineral content is decent, however, the stench of the bathrooms is what garners this already lacking water fountain seventh place. 

Lastly, the abysmal eighth place goes to the fountain in between the high school and middle school. Maybe it’s because the middle schoolers use it, but it’s unkempt and the water is always warm. The filter status isn’t on either, making it courageous for the average Wantagh High School student to even think about drinking from it. 

In conclusion, location near bathrooms and a lack of water filter status readings gains a water fountain an immediate warning label. A good drink is what everyone needs, so try to get the best quality possible.