Bring Back Senior Study Hall

A.J. Bardi, Reporter

Imagine being in school with your buddies playing ping pong, board games, and video games, socializing and laughing. Well, this is the way it used to be at Wantagh High School. This was Senior Study Hall: an earned privilege that kept kids in school and encouraged interpersonal relationships. 


The room was a special place. In 150-152 there were comfortable couches, computers, TVs to play video games and even ping pong tables. Kids enjoyed each other’s company on free periods. Underclassmen yearned to be part of it, but they knew their day would come. Until it didn’t……..


Covid destroyed it, but It’s time to bring it back! Since Covid, teenagers have  had a difficult time socializing because of the lockdown and social distancing rules. Many kids struggle with anxiety and depression from the forced isolation and  reintegration. Bringing back Senior Study Hall would make it easier for students to socialize with their classmates and bring people together.


Having games to play with your classmates will boost morale and make school much more enjoyable for everyone. Likewise, keeping kids in school instead of in their cars at fast food places is ultimately safer. 


In 2023 teenagers are completely addicted to their phones. Having a place where students can disconnect and interact with REAL people would completely change the way we live and socialize. Face to face socialization will foster new friendships and help isolated kids feel included. 


It’s time to bring back the Senior Study Hall to boost morale and make school fun again!