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Copiague High School Senior Killed in Gun Accident

Sean Smith, Reporter

Wilson Gil-Torres, 18, a Long Island teenager was accidentally shot and killed by his friend, Nefi Reyes, March 18. Wilson was shown a gun by Reyes in a room of an apartment...  Read More »

March 22, 2016

California Brawling – KKK and Protesters Battle in Bloody Fray

Annie Goode, Entertainment Editor

Originating from a small group of pro-slavery racist men around the Civil War era, the Klu Klux Klan is one of the oldest, most violent and feared hate groups. They...  Read More »

March 21, 2016

Jeb Bush Said What?

March 4, 2016

Sara Sneddon For the 20th annual year the JEB BUSH Florida Classic fundraiser supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation took place at the end of...  Read More »

the skimm.fw

For Sassy News Read The Skimm

February 24, 2016

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, ISIS, Putin vs. Obama Issues, #FreeKesha, Broncos, Cosby, and other pieces of news, occupy lonely reporting channels that...  Read More »

Jacqueline Lennon

Imagine all the Guidance Counselors Living Like Ms. Lennon

January 12, 2016

Over this school year and the ending view months of last, Ms.Lennon has been the maternity-leave replacement for Mrs.Malafis. Stepping in as guidance...  Read More »

herren celtics

Former Basketball Star Chris Herren Talks to Wantagh Students, Community about his Struggle with Addiction

January 12, 2016

Chris Herren, a former high school and college basketball star, delivered emotional speeches at Wantagh to students and then at night to the community,...  Read More »

A Montauk Restaurant Since 1927

January 6, 2016

Over the years Montauk has changed and continues to evolve. Montauk is located at the tip of Long Island and is commonly called “The End” because...  Read More »

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Warriors Boys’ Lax Opens Season Against Colorado and California Teams

Nolan Foley, Reporter

Entering the 2016 season the Wantagh lacrosse team had a busy schedule in lead up to what looks to be a prosperous season. The team started the journey in a non-league...  Read More »

April 8, 2016

Girls’ Lacrosse to Defend Nassau County Title

March 22, 2016

Wantagh Boys’ Lax Eyes Nassau County Title

February 29, 2016

Jets’ Season Ends in all-too Familiar Heartbreak

January 14, 2016

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