Boys’ Volleyball Playoff Bound

Boys Volleyball Playoff Bound

Shayna Held, Reporter

The boys’ varsity volleyball team finished their regular season with an 11-5 record, placing third in Conference BII. The team of 17 boys, 13 of whom are seniors, finished the season strong.

Outstanding offense was led by Co-captain Blake Andreou, the setter, and three year varsity player. The team was also led by Co-captain Anthony Greco, outside hitter and a two year varsity member who has played volleyball for eight years.

Junior outside hitter, Jake Sinacori, said the team, “Worked well because we were so close. We formed a brotherhood which made the team so successful.”

Senior outside hitter, Steve Becker, described the team as a “family where everyone is there to pick each other up.”

Other members of the team include Defensive Specialists Tyler Watts, Mark Sales, Dylan Hirsh, Brian Monahan, Johnny Rohan, Zach Bindell, Middle Attackers Sean Whiteman, Ryan Willix, Eric Factor, Rightside Hitters Gene Gaffney, Thomas Gifford, Outside Attacker Jimmy Frank, and Setter Ben Steinberg.

The team was coached by Ms. Fugazzi, who founded Wantagh’s boys’ volleyball team in 1993. Fuggazzi is one of the only female boys’ volleyball coaches in Nassau County. Out of her 23 seasons, Coach Fugazzi describes this team as “one of the most cohesive. The boys are friends off of the court so we didn’t need to work on team building, only fundamentals.”

“Everything I know is because of Ms. Fugazzi,” Becker says. “She really helps the entire team to be their best.”

“We’re looking toward the playoffs, to really surprising the other teams and showing them what we’re made of,” says Coach Fugazzi.