Changes in the AP Exams

Ava Kornbluth, Features Editor

AP Exams are yet another thing to add to the list of changes during this abnormal school year. In opposition to the previous years where all students would attend the test at school on their chosen day, due to the coronavirus, there is now an option. Students can choose to take the test by hand in person, digitally at home, or digitally in person. 

There are, however, disadvantages to each. Choosing to take the test digitally prohibits students from skipping or returning to any questions. This requires students to take it completely through one time, even if they are unsure of an answer. Students who take the test digitally will also be taking the exam itself at a later date. This puts the in-person individuals at a disadvantage with a loss of time that can be utilized for studying. 

Nora Toscano, a triple AP class student, has chosen to take her exams in-person, two with pen and paper and one digitally. She says, “I prefer pencil-paper for AP Statistics because I think it’s easier to write math and I’m taking Seminar on paper as well. Euro is content-heavy, so I opted to take it digitally to give myself more time to study.”