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Prom – Not the Most Important Part of a High-Schooler’s Life, But Certainly Worth Going To

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

May 1, 2019

Before actually going to Junior Prom, I had quite a lot of second thoughts about it. People told me it was the “most important memory you’ll make in high school”, and that it “wasn’t worth missing.” I wanted to go to p...

The Dreaded “S” Disease that Afflicts So Many Seniors

Isabelle Samudio, Entertainment Editor

March 20, 2019

My brother introduced me to  the word “senioritis” in the year 2015, proclaiming to the world he was entering the next stage of his life. At the time I was a naive eighth grader, wondering what that meant, and why everyo...

Is Sportsnite Worth the Sacrifice?

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

March 19, 2019

Sportsnite is one of Wantagh High School’s richest traditions, having been observed annually for 64 years. Sportsnite came about during a time when girls were not allowed to participate in school sports. Though times have chang...

Momo Hoax Exposed

Momo Hoax Exposed

March 8, 2019

Where Has the School Spirit Gone?

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

March 5, 2019

This school year has hit Wantagh hard. With the cancellation of the Pep Rally and Senior Variety Show, students worry that school spirit is diminishing this year. In fact, many students were quick to criticize this year’s Spir...

Why Flirting isn’t Cheating

Bianco Falco, Viewpoints Editor

March 4, 2019

Today’s definition of dating is a little out of line. “Cheating” to some would be if your partner is laughing with someone else or having a simple conversation. Mainly implying that flirting is cheating, here's the thing. ...

Wake up, Get out of Bed, Run a Brush Across Your Head

Nicole Hooker, Viewpoints Editor

January 10, 2019

My alarm blares in my ear. The piercing, annoying, obnoxious, DUHN DUHN DUHN DUHN over and over again until I tap “stop” on my home screen. I turn it off and close my eyes again, dreading this moment. Waking up again to ...

La Classe de Francais Est Unique

Isabelle Samudio, Entertainment Editor

January 10, 2019

La classe de francais is a very unique class. French students have had the same teacher, Madame Vargas-Curatola, since seventh grade. As the class-size dwindled and the incoming freshman classes stopped taking French, we p...

Classic 1940’s Christmas Song: Lighthearted or Inappropriate?

Bianca Falco, Viewpoints Editor

December 20, 2018

For most Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is considered the beginning of the holiday season, with that most people have their favorite holidays songs blasting. However this year some people, instead of enjoying the well-kn...

Another Tragic Loss – Stephen Hillenberg Dies at 57

Isabelle Samudio, Entertainment Editor

December 4, 2018

This year we have lost many celebrities: people who created our childhood or have been around for so long, they seem invincible. From Stan Lee to Stephen Hawking, great minds have passed on. Tragically, just yesterday, we lost someone...

Cell Rules too Strict or too Lenient?

Julia Enella, Reporter

December 4, 2018

Students around the globe have strict policies against their cell phones in school everyday. Deans and principals create very harshrules about when they can have use their cell phones and others do not even allow them to carry...

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